08 May, 2011

05.08.11 - The making and publishing of my book (Part 5) - I'm finished!

Sorry for not posting in a while, but I was working hard, and had no time... So this is how one average day looked like for me this past week: I worked at my "day job" from 9am to 6pm, went home and worked on my book from 9pm to 'who knows what time in the night'.

After several rounds of corrections I am proud to announce that my final book draft has been accepted by my publisher!!!

It's finished, and with this, most of my work is completed, but there is still much to be done before you and I can hold the book in our hands...


  1. Most meg majd unatkozni fogsz! Azért jó láblógatást! (Én is ilyenben tartom a lábikómat itthon. 3-as szett... :))

  2. :) áhhh soha, mindig van mit csinálni! a könyv is tuti tartogat még meglepetéseket... szerintem lesz itt még melo ezerrel

    bunda zokni és mamusz alap (télen - nyáron)