31 October, 2013

making me happy / new projects, new goals and a new bag

Hi! It's been a while since I posted anything here on my blog... so sorry for that!! I'm back now, with great plans regarding the re-birth of my creative work / life and about everything that is around me. So prepare for more posts, new projects and this blog alive again! I feel the need to re-create and move some stuff around here too, so much of the blogs' look and content will change, but all this will be for the better, it has been asleep and without change for way to long :) 

Starting today the biggest challenge will be, that I will be writing more here (in English so everybody can understand) well... this means you will have a bit more to read :) but also you will have more insight on my life and thoughts. 

Another change will be that from now on, I will be posting photos from my daily life, home, craft projects anything I find fun to share with you. In the past I had several photo blogs separate from this "illustration - work" blog, but now I find it much more interesting to try to mix and match everything here. 

Hope my excitement and energy will last for a long time, and I will keep up the posting and have a great time here with you! 

The lovely striped Tote bag is from by good friend 'Manka' Moni. You can take a look at her work and blog here: Vattacukorhaju lany blog